Sunday, October 30, 2011

#13 - Pinnaple and Grape dessert wine [Juice]

This brew was suggested on a local forum as being delicious and in my never ending , and so far unsuccessful, attempts to create a SWMBO friendly brew, I went for it. It took a few private messages to the user who posted it but I finally got the full recipe.

This was the users recipe:

2ltrs aldi pineapple juice
1ltr aldi white/red grape juice
600grms sugar/to o.g. 1090

Add all to d.j. and fill to shoulder with water(watch out for a big ferment as it can spill over in the first couple off days)after ferment is finished rack and add more water if needed and use finings (i use bentonite)
bottle and drink.

After the fermentation is complete the must needs to be stabilised. This can be done by adding 1 crushed campden tablet and half a teaspoon of potassium sorbate to 1 gallon of must. I also added bentonite to clear the must. I just mixed up the bentonite solution and added the campden tab and potassium sorbate to it also. I let this sit for 30 minutes and added it to the must. A significant amount of sediment is created from both the dead yeast and suspended solids.

The final gravity after stabilisation was 1008, I think I should have stopped the fermentation earlier as it was too dry for my taste. I bottled the brew and samples over a period of several weeks were the same, it tasted like chemical flavoured silage. It wasn't really drinkable and unfortunately had to be dumped. :(

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