Saturday, September 17, 2011

#5 - Muntons Premium Gold [Kit]

This was the most expensive kit that I had purchased to date but unlike any of the coopers kits, this one contains everything that you need in one box. There are two blank cans of hopped (LME) liquid malt extract in the box and a sachet of yeast. Its hard to tell if one of them is plain LME or not but the final flavour is so strong that it would lead me to believe that both are hopped. 

The recipe calls for more boiling water (3.5L) than I had normally being using (2L) for each kit. This increased the amount of time it took to cool the wort down to a point at which it was safe to pitch the yeast. I just put the fermenter into the sink with some ice water for an hour and that did the job, albeit slowly. 

I don't have any images of this brew after 1 week but it followed the same pattern as the IPA in brew #3. It tasted quite nice after 2 weeks and tasted fantastic after a month. I was very impressed with the kit although I did have higher expectations given the price. The flavour was much stronger than that of the IPA#3 which I wasn't expecting but was a welcome surprise all the same. 

Started - 17.5.11
Racked - NA
Finished - 20.5.11
Bottled - 21.5.11
Code - 1005
Yeast Brand - Premium
Yeast Code - 15310W
Y-Temp - 24.5
Beer/Product Type -  Muntons Premium Gold 
Malt/Sugar Type - Dual Beer Can kit
Volume -  23L
OG - 1058
FG - 1020
Proof  - 5.6% (Including 0.5% for priming) 

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