Saturday, September 17, 2011

#2 - Coopers Wheat Beer [Kit]

When I started with brewing I was extremely eager so I bought my 2nd brewing ingredients at the same time as buying the coopers kit. I got a couple of the lads over to give me a hand with this one as they were curious to see the process in action.

I was advised against using tap water by the local home brew store where I bought all the equipment as apparently the yeast doesn't like chlorine. I just buy 1 gallon containers of water in the local supermarket and it usually costs up to €5 for enough water to make up the 23L. 

After all the leaking (and straddling) issues with the previous batch I decided to pour boiling water on the seal around the lid. This softened up the rubber allowing it to be attached much tighter first time round. This took care of the problem for this brew but in subsequent brews it started leaking again despite this technique. I'm sure if I found some food safe lubricant it would do the trick but I have never seen it in any shops or home brew stores. 
This is an image of the brew after 1 week in the bottles, it is still very cloudy, has poor carbonation and non existent head as would be expected in this time frame. The only reason I opened it as I read good advice to drink your brew every week after it has been bottled to see how it is coming along and learn how it improves over time. This advice has proved very valuable so far. Its amazing how much difference a week can make!

Started - 9.5.11
Racked - NA
Finished - 11.5.11
Bottled - 12.5.11
Code - 1002
Yeast Brand - Safebrew S-33
Yeast Code - 042011UVBE
Y-Temp - 23.5
Beer/Product Type -  Brewmaster Wheat Beer
Malt/Sugar Type - Malt Extract Wheat
Volume -  23.0
OG - 1057
FG - 1021
Proof  - 5.33 (Including 0.5% for priming) 

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